Friday 25 May 2018

Wet Weather Weddings: Wind, Rain and How to Keep Smiling

As part of my efforts to get the blog up and running again and to keep the articles flowing, I wanted to do more than just post up Real Wedding’s and ‘Best Of’ features but to also write about the different aspects of Wedding Photography and some of the scenarios I face. As well as this I wanted to look in more detail at different parts of the day, thus providing help and inspiration for couples who are on the way to organising their own special day.

One of my first ideas was to write about one of the things you have no control over on your big day…. THE WEATHER. 

While you can meticulously plan and organise every part of your wedding down to the minutest detail, the one thing you can do nothing about is whether or not the heavens open up, or if wind and rain is going to blow you away. You just have to pray, hope and keep those fingers crossed.

The most common worry for people is rain. Most couples will imagine a beautiful sunny day, where guests can enjoy drinks on the lawn and you can get some great snaps with your other half in the glorious weather, producing colourful sun soaked images of your memorable day. No one wants to be wet, miserable and stuck inside.

The thing is, it honestly doesn’t have to be like that and let’s face it, we live in little old Blighty which is pretty notorious round the world for having terrible weather, so the chances are it could very well rain on that one day of the year you really wish it wouldn’t. If this happens it happens, so the best thing to do is not worry and put a smile on it. 

The upside to the potential of rain is that it can actually work out in respect to getting some really good shots, both of yourselves as a couple and to capture moments like guests running for cover before getting soaked. The sort of thing that’s not funny at the time but that you can look back and laugh at with fondness and nostalgia.

Rain also brings out one of the ultimate Wedding Day props, the umbrella. While most people would still opt for sun, the umbrella can create a focal point for your pictures while shooting the couple. Shots of the Groom being the consummate gentleman, holding up the umbrella to shield his Bride can look chivalrous and endearing, creating a narrative that you can't capture in the same way on a sunny day.
Umbrellas can also go wrong blowing inside out, collapsing on people, getting caught on things, which is all great candid material to capture and make light of when you look back on your day. Like I say, not funny at the time but it does add to the narrative, creating a story to tell.

You don’t have to get wet either (which is also a big worry), when taking pictures of you as the couple, I can stand you in doorways, under arches, in bus stops, all of which can create unique and innovative photos. I may end up getting wet myself but that’s not a concern for you and it’s seen as par for the course for getting that great shot.

The bottom line is, don’t worry about the weather on your day, it out of your control and if it does happen we’ll work round it. With over 10 years’ experience shooting weddings I’ve seen plenty of rain and bad weather but it’s never ruined a day and we’ve still got some great shots out of it.

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