Thursday 3 November 2016

Secret Wedding Blog Real Wedding Blog Feature:

It truly was an honour to be a part of Sophia & Paolo's day and to find a Wedding Blogger in Raj who championed Multicultural and Interfaith Weddings and could showcase their day in a way it deserved.

In a time when our government and the media are trying to separate and divide us it was lovely to see two different people from two different cultures and backgrounds come together over love.

One of the most honourable things about their day was their commitment to standing firm on what they wanted as a couple, something I admire (having been through this myself). It's YOUR wedding, not anyone else's and sometimes friends and family need to remember that and get on board.

It's great to have a blog out there that is championing this marital taboo. Love is empowering and encompassing, and knows no boundaries between religion and race. As a society we should use this to overcome differences and to create bridges between cultures and communities. If we could all learn to love one another like Sophia and Paolo, despite our varying backgrounds and histories the world would be a better place.

Thanks again to Raj and Secret Wedding Blog for the feature and as usual, click on the image below to go through and see the full feature.

Love trumps all, love wins. xxx

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